August 24, 2020

Taking In-Office Wellness to New Heights

Avocet Tower | Commercial Observer

With unprecedented 360-degree sight lines, a wealth of outdoor space, massive and flexible floor plans, and innovative health and wellness features, Avocet Tower is an exciting new 370,000-square-foot trophy-class office building currently rising in the heart of Bethesda’s downtown business district.

Avocet is a distinguished pioneer in the market, introducing state-of-the-art technology such as View Smart Windows, Destination Dispatch elevators and a DOAS HVAC system. In addition, Avocet Tower will boast best-in-class amenities focused on offering light, airy views, and outdoor options to its tenants.

With the building set to open in fall, 2021, Avocet Tower will be one of Bethesda’s tallest buildings at 300 feet, making this striking development an extraordinary opportunity for trophy office space in the greater Washington, D.C., area. The building’s innovative offerings will provide its tenants with a dynamic, productive and healthy workplace.

With expansive window lines on every floor, the building has incorporated the cutting edge technology of View Smart Windows to optimize daylight while eliminating glare, keeping temperatures perfectly controlled in the process. Recent studies by Cornell University and the National Sleep Foundation have shown that working in natural light improves productivity and employee satisfaction. Other benefits include deeper and more satisfying sleep.

Allowing employees to work near windows without oppressive glare, View Smart Windows reduce eyestrain, headaches and drowsiness by more than 50 percent. The windows feature dynamic glass that uses nanocoatings to control the amount of light and heat entering the building. View Smart Windows take into account the outdoor environment, including the surrounding buildings and local weather; the internal office setup, including furniture layout and employee placement; and the heating and cooling system to determine the optimal light-control setting for each individual window. The windows can even be individually controlled through an app or a wall-mounted panel.

“The tint of the glass changes throughout the day, and that allows tenants not to have blinds,” said Doug Firstenberg, a founding principal at Stonebridge, the building’s developer. “It creates a healthier office space. There’s a computer program that literally tells every piece of glass in the building what tint to be at to optimize the internal experience for our tenants. We’re the first building in this region’s commercial office market to have it, and we think it makes for a phenomenal upgraded working environment.”

View Smart Windows are just one of Avocet Tower’s many features designed to optimize health and wellness for the building’s occupants.

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