Wellness Focused Design

Supporting Health and Wellness

WELL Health-Safety Rated Leed Certified Platinum

View Smart Windows

  • Improves health and productivity by reducing eye strain, headaches and drowsiness
  • Allows natural light in while blocking glare and heat

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Fitness Center

  • 5,000 SF fitness center featuring state-of-the-art equipment, a spin room, yoga studio, lockers, and shower facilities
  • Onsite Market packed with a variety of healthy snack and beverage options

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Floor Plate Efficiency with Side Core Design

  • Open floor plates provide flexibility
    in design
  • Can accommodate various densities for tenants
  • Multiple circulation options available to promote social distancing

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Conference Center

  • Flexible meeting space provides alternative space to connect outside of office suite

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Touchless Entry

  • Bluetooth connected Kastle App allows for automatic opening of doors and elevators
  • Touchless restroom fixtures, including sink, toilets, and soap dispensers

Destination Dispatch Elevators

  • Option to limit the number of riders per elevator cab to promote social distancing

Outdoor Space

  • 22,500 SF of private and public outdoor areas
  • Offers various locations to work while maintaining social distancing
  • Full WiFi connectivity
  • Close proximity to local walking and biking trails

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Bike Room

  • Accommodates healthier options for commuting
  • Provides secure bike storage
  • Complimentary repair, hand washing, and filtered water stations

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State of the Art, High-Efficiency DOAS System

  • More evenly distributes fresh outside air throughout the building than traditional VAV systems
  • Cycles fresh air to “flush” the building throughout the day
  • Utilizes MERV 13 filters (capable of capturing bacteria, molds, and particles 1 micrometer in size)
  • System is 27% more efficient than traditional mechanical systems