Avocet Tower's View Smart Windows

Brings light to every inch of your office space

See Work in a New Light

View Smart Windows are intelligent windows that let in natural light, while blocking unwanted glare. View Smart Windows predict and choose the right tint at the right time similar to transition lenses by tracking both the position of the sun, cloud cover, and the shadows and reflected glare from neighboring structures. Occupants will be able to enjoy the unobstructed, sweeping skyline views from Avocet Tower's floor-to-ceiling window line.

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View Smart Windows Office Working
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Office benefits

Dynamic Glass Icon

Dynamic Glass

Without blinds, View Smart Windows create an optimal office environment by tinting automatically or based on control.

Enhance Employee Productivity Icon

Enhance Employee Productivity

Better work starts with more natural light. Access to natural light improves health, wellness and productivity of the people.

Heat & Glare Control Icon

Heat & Glare Control

By admitting natural daylight and rejecting unwanted solar radiation and glare, View Smart Windows keep occupants comfortable at all times.